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When do you fly?

Balloon flights are held at dawn because that is when winds are calm and the temperature is cool.  Balloons require these conditions to ensure the safest flight possible.  Not to mention, that the most breathtaking views of sunrise are from above.

How high will we fly?

In-flight altitude depends on the morning weather conditions.  We typically keep our flights below 2,500ft in altitude but if permitting, we may go higher to use winds to steer us in favorable directions. We may also try to catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean that lies beyond the westerly mountain range.

How far will we go?

Balloons travel with the wind and the direction is controlled by flying the balloons at different altitudes.  So by moving upwards and downwards, this can help the pilot use different wind directions to maneuver the balloon to the desired location.

How long does a flight normally last?

Flights are scheduled for 1 hour but in the case weather patterns change mid-flight, the experience may be a few minutes shorter for safety purposes.  Flights may also be longer than 60 minutes to obtain the most favorable landing location.  However, this being said, our flights are typically 1 hour but we like to ensure our passengers are well informed in the rare case the flight time is shortened or extended.  All together, the experience will take about 3-4 hours of your morning.

Where will we take off and land?

Our take off and landings are dependent on the mornings wind directions.  Take off locations are located on properties pre approved by landowners. We have approved landing locations as well but because balloons travel with the wind, we sometimes land in new locations! Every flight is different and fashions new adventure!

How do we return to the meeting location?

From start to finish, our experienced and adventurous crew is tracking and following the balloon below in the chase vehicle.  They are there to not only help with packing up but to ensure safe transportation back to our meeting location.

What are the pilots qualifications?

Commercial hot air balloon pilots are licensed federally by the FAA.  After reaching required training and testing, pilots are then tested by an FAA examiner to obtain their license. The aircraft itself is a federally registered aircraft and follows the same safety and maintenance standards as commercial airliners.

What type of clothing should we wear?

Flat, closed toed shoes are recommended. Wear comfortable clothes and be sure to layer in the case of temperature change during flight.  Some may want to bring a hat to lessen the heat from above.

Do we need to bring anything?

A camera! There are plenty of breathtaking photo opportunities that you actually may will want to last a lifetime. Other than that, Voila! You are now ready for your flight.

How do I make reservations?

To make reservations, simply give us a call with a date you have in mind and a phone number to reach you.  Charges are made after the flight, in which we accept credit cards and cash.  Unfortunately, checks will not be accepted as form of payment.

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