What To Expect


Sunrise flights are available and offered 7 days a week, year round (weather permitting). Depending on season, our meeting time ranges from 5:30-6:45am. Cancellations are due to weather conditions and unfavorable winds.

Why so early? At this time, the winds are calm and the temperature is cool which is what the balloon requires to fly safely and able to be finely controlled by our FAA commercially licensed pilots.

Each flight package lasts approximately 3-4 hours from start until finish, with the in air flight lasting approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.



Our reservationist will text or e-mail you your meeting location and time, the evening before the flight. Once arrived, we will either launch from this location or will take a short ride in our vehicles to a different launch location depending on the winds that morning for the best projected flight.

Once at the launch site, our ground crew will lay out the balloon, turn on inflator fans, and in this time, the balloon slowly come to life from the cold air being blown within. When we’re ready to fly, we’ll heat the cold inflated balloon with our burner system and your aircraft will then rise to a standing position.



All aboard! After our pilot briefing, the basket will lift from the ground and you are off! Our pilots will show you views high above but also will give you a one of a kind view floating right above the vineyards and treetops. Our ground crew will be down below on a balloon chase to ensure they are there to greet us for our landing. Remember, balloons travel with the wind, so you may go in every which way while navigating your way to the landing area.


Once landed, our experienced crew greets you with a warm welcome back. After the flight, you will enjoy a ballooning tradition and cheers with a champagne toast! An assortment of breakfast treats will accompany. At Balloons Over Paso, we hope this sweet ending ensures a memorable experience. At this time we then say our goodbyes and you are now ready to start the day exploring the wonders of central California ~ the states true hidden gem.


For reservations or information:

Make your booking below, give us a call or send us an e-mail at info@balloonsoverpaso.com.